Services - Site Preperation

Site Preparation

If your site needs to be “re-landscaped” to accommodate a building, we can help. We have the equipment and experienced man-power to make it happen. Let us ease your mind and help you through the process.

Site Visit Consultation

Need assistance planning your project? We offer a free site visit (if necessary) when you purchase of a building or playground unit. Let us help you take the guess work out of this process.

We will come to your location and not only help with picking the ideal spot, but we can also coordinate the details of your building to compliment your home and existing structures. We offer a variety of features and options at budget prices that will make a "shed" become a "building". Select paint colors, shingle colors and styles, window styles, and much more. This is our standard process in offering superior customer service. Take advantage of our years of experience in design work as a result of our custom design background. Custom matches are commonly handled at our shop to get things just right for you.