Carports and Metal Buildings

Are you tired of cleaning your vehicle, and just moments after you get through, you need to clean it again as a result of rain spots, tree sap, snow, or those pesky birds?

We can help you resolve that issue when you purchase one of our quality carports or buildings with the finest overall service and professional installation available in the industry.

Shelter your investment from these problems with style, beauty, and quality. Just think, year-round protection is available at a reasonable price.

Carports and Buildings can be customized for height, width, length, style, metal gauge, windows, doors, etc. With thirteen colors available, you should find a color to compliment your property. No need to worry about termites or dry rot. Our galvanized steel tubing withstands the elements.

We also offer Certified Carports and Buildings, which include engineered drawings and stamped approval for your permit needs to meet all state and local requirements.

Stop by or give us a call today and let our staff help you custom-design the building of your choice.

The advantages of dealing directly with VA Custom Buildings are that we work directly with you from planning to site development to construction to your finished product.


Horse and Animal Shelters

From Dog Houses to Horse Barns, Bird Houses to Chicken Coops, we offer the perfect shelter to accommodate your critter's needs. Choose from in-stock units or customize your own design.

We offer dog houses of all sizes, including optional insulated units and chain link lots. Even your bunnies can also find a home at our place with our single and double rabbit hutches. Our products are designed for easy access cleaning.

Our barns offer heavy-duty construction for larger livestock, including run-in sheds and barns with stalls and storage to fit your needs.

We offer customized packages that provide the look and feel you're going for.

Whatever your needs are, we have what it takes to shelter your pets from the elements because we Aim to Please them, too!


Outdoor Furniture

When those "lazy days of summer" have you out in the yard, make sure you visit us to get the perfect picnic table or lawn furniture.

Whether you're looking for traditional wood furniture or maintenance-free poly furniture, we've got you covered.

Our furniture collections offer function, style, and durability. Each piece is built to withstand the elements of the outdoors. Our wood furniture is protected with water sealers or available unfinished to allow you to add your own personal touches once you get your product home.

Have a special request? Many products offered can be re-designed to fit your specific needs.

Poly furniture is a great alternative for those looking for a maintenance-free product. Poly lumber is made of recycled plastics and is offered in 20 colors. We also offer multicolored items so you can truly have a one-of-a-kind piece.

Not only can you find tables and chairs, but also gliders, swings, swivel rocker chairs, benches, and more. You name it! So come out for a visit so you and your guests can start reclining in comfort today!


Gazebos & Pool Houses

Spruce up your picnic area, pond, or pool while adding comfort and relaxation.

Both functional and beautiful, our gazebos and pool houses are built with attention to detail. You come up with a plan, and we will make your plan a reality.

Things to think about when planning for your gazebo or pool house:

  • Roof design
  • Style and siding
  • Style and size of windows and door
  • Electrical, lighting and fans
  • Screens
  • Hot tub shelter

If you've been dreaming of putting a gazebo in a location that seems impossible, no worries, let us come out and evaluate your site; we welcome a challenge. We've craned gazebos over existing structures and set them at the end of a long dock or on an existing deck. We AIM TO PLEASE and are driven to "make it happen".

Virginia Custom Buildings & Play Centers, LLC

Garden Ornamentals

When those "lazy days of summer" have you out in the yard, make sure you visit us to get the perfect picnic table or lawn furniture. We carry a variety of wood furniture and a large assortment of colorful poly furniture.

Not only can you find tables and chairs but also gliders, swings, swivel rocker chairs, benches and more… you name it!

But wait, that's not all; we have a wonderful selection of garden ornaments available, from yard arbors and trellises, footbridges of various sizes, lighthouses, wishing wells, planters, concrete ornamentals, birdbaths, and more.

We have a huge in-stock inventory to pick from, so bring your trailer, and we'll load it up so you and your guests can start reclining in comfort today!

We want Virginia Custom Buildings to be a "one-stop" shop for all your storage, animal, and decorative lawn needs.

Virginia Custom Buildings & Play Centers, LLC

Children's Play Houses

Be the envy of the neighborhood! Our playhouses are made with the same care and quality as our buildings. What a great birthday or holiday gift!

Our playhouses are the perfect size for your little one, providing years of fun. Many offer interior headroom for adult storage for when the kids are grown.

Maybe you prefer an old Victorian Style Cottage, a Cape Cod Mansion, or a rustic-like Cozy Cabin. All styles come with optional accessories to provide curb appeal.

Optional adult doors can be added for easy entrance so you, too, can participate in your child's imaginary world.

Fantastic inventory is offered, or we can customize it.
Accessorize with the optional children's furniture or finished interiors.

Virginia Custom Buildings & Play Centers, LLC

Children's Play Centers

Today's fun… Tomorrow's Memories! Provide your children with hours of fun in the safety of your own backyard.

Stimulating his or her curiosity and imagination contributes to an important part of their growth and development.

Whether you prefer wood or maintenance-free vinyl, we offer a large selection of quality residential playground equipment. Anything from a basic A-Frame Swing Set to an elaborate Turbo Loft/Super Summit Combo!

Many options are available to provide the peak of excitement. From slides to ladders, swings to gliders, buoy balls to rock walls, we have everything that will provide intriguing hands-on recreation. Customize a unit that will be suitable for your child as he/she gets older. Our units will provide challenges for ages 2 – 12.

Our wooden play sets are environmentally friendly from the roof to the floor. Wood products are harvested domestically by suppliers that have aggressive environmental programs in place. Check out our full line of wood playground equipment with our effective alternative to traditional treated lumber.

Your children will have waves and waves of fun with our arks and boats or let their imagination travel with our trucks, trains, or airplanes. Better yet, they can be the King or Queen of their very own castle! Wow, how much fun is that – just think of the joy any of these units will provide for your child. Giving them a lifetime of memories!

Virginia Custom Buildings & Play Centers, LLC

Stick Built Structures

Stick Built Structures consist of buildings that are too large to transport as a completed unit.

Customized modular sections are built from start to finish by skilled Amish and Mennonite artisans in advance, and when delivered, they actually come to your site for the final assembly.

Customers get to observe a custom installation experience of their building without the cost associated with expensive on-site construction.

Unlike conventional on-site construction that can take several weeks to complete, the final assembly of our stick-built structures is usually about a one to two-day experience, and you will have your building ready to use!

Virginia Custom Buildings & Play Centers, LLC

Tent Rentals and Sales

Are you planning an outdoor event but are nervous that the weather may not hold out for your special occasion? Or do you just want to add atmosphere to your gathering? Either way, we are here to help you with our Tent Rentals.

We offer various sizes of high-quality, clean tents and accessories to fit your needs.

Other rental accessories available are:

  • Tables & Chairs
  • Tent Side Panels (for certain tent styles)
  • Heaters, Fans, and Light
  • Wood Platforms for dancing
  • Dinnerware to include cups, plates, silverware, linens, wine glasses and other types of glassware.

Book your rental now and avoid the stress. Peace of Mind really is priceless.

Call us today for more details.